Three Ways to Send Money to China Easily and Safely

There are several ways of sending money to China but in this blog, we will be mentioning three popular methods for transferring funds.
Online Wire Transfers via Bank
In order to send money from Australia to China you can select between bank wire transfer and third party wire transfer. For bank wire transfer, you need to log in to your bank account, add the wire transfer recipient details and initiate the remittance. You will be charged a certain fee for the type of money transfer.
Online Wire Transfers via Third Party
You can also send money through third party wire transfer. There are several online remittance agencies that offer this service at a low fee. Compared to banks, sending money through these agencies is cost-effective because their transfer fee is low and they offer competitive foreign currency exchange rates.
The recipient can either get the cash transferred in their bank account or collect it in cash from an agent location. They just need to carry an ID with them in order to get the money.
Online remittance is the most quick and easy option to send money from one country to another; however, it is important to choose a reliable agency. Banks are the safest mode but if you want to send money from an online agency, make sure it is licensed to carry out money transfer in different countries.
This is also a popular mode used to send money to China. Sender as well as receiver will need separate accounts to send and receive money. Once you have sent the money, recipient will get an email notification which will prompt them to log into PayPal to receive money. This is a fast mode of remittance and very secure.


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